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Dim Mak
Los Angeles.
Graphic Artist | Illustrator

I barely got to upload this video, but yesterday June 1 around 9:30p.m. my brother and I noticed some red lights anywhere from 40-70 of them floating around in the sky, some in clusters and some singled out. They would all disappear at around the same point, the way they would move was very organic. I have seen something like this before. Helicopters and planes would cruise by and would clearly show a difference in lights. Really interesting. In the video the left pane is the original video from my brothers iPhone and the right is a zoomed in and brightened clip.

Can’t wait to light up! In due time..

What I’ve been up to these days & what the “im busy” is about. Building the @anadi_official nest 🐥 #LA #fashion #artsdistrict #sewing #streetwear #dedication #dreams #love #collection #byhand